Contact Lenses

What Are Contact Lenses

A contact lens is made out of a breathable plastic polymer and is worn directly on the cornea of the eye to correct a person’s vision. There are hundreds of different types of contact lenses. The two main categories are: Soft and RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable). Your eye doctor will recommend which type of contact lens is best for your prescription and for your particular needs. Unfortunately, some prescriptions are not suitable for contact lenses.

Contact lenses are considered medical devices and are available by prescription from an eye doctor. Contact lens prescriptions are valid for exactly one year. Please be aware that a contact lens prescription is not the same as an eyeglass prescription. Contact lenses are custom fit for each person. The proper size, shape and material of a contact lens will provide for the optimal health of your cornea as well as maximum wearing comfort. The specific power of your contact lens is determined so that the best possible vision is achieved.

How do I become a Contact Lens Wearer?

The first step is to have a complete eye exam to determine if you are a candidate for wearing contact lenses. We recommend having an eye exam at the Family Eye Care Center & Optical Gallery in Westford, MA no more than 6 months prior to scheduling a contact lens fitting. During your complete eye exam be sure to mention that you are interested in contact lenses.

Your Westford eye doctor will discuss with you which type of contacts will best suit your needs. It is important for your doctor to know how you will be using your eyes while wearing the contacts. For instance, playing sports, reading books, doing computer work or gardening. Next, you will schedule a contact lens fitting.

What To Expect At Your Fitting

At your Westford, MA contact lens fitting, your doctor will try contacts on your eyes and determine which lens suits your eye shape and prescription the best. When a suitable lens is found, you will be guided through the process of inserting and removing your contact lenses. You will also be taught how to clean and care for your lenses. Some people find that their eyes are tired after the training and choose not to wear lenses that day. Others will choose to wear the lenses out of the office.

Before you leave the office, we will schedule a contact lens check-up appointment for you (usually 5-14 days after your fitting). At this visit, your doctor will make sure that your eyes are responding well to the fit of the lenses and that your prescription is accurate. You are now ready to purchase a supply of contact lenses.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

  • Contact lens fittings will be done on a separate day from your eye exam.
  • Multiple visits are often needed to achieve a proper fit. This is especially true for bifocal and toric contact lenses.
  • You should always have an updated pair of eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses—even if you plan on wearing contacts most of the time.
  • The Family Eye Care Center & Optical Gallery does not recommend contact lenses for children under 12 years of age. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the fitting process.
  • Most contact lens brands are not available in colors. Be sure to mention any interest in colored contacts prior to your fitting so that you do not have to be refit later.
  • For your convenience, reordering contacts can be done by simply calling the Family Eye Care Center & Optical Gallery. 978-692-1400 Ext. 707.

Contact Lens Fitting Fees

  • If you have a vision plan such as VSP or EyeMed, you may have a contact lens benefit.
  • If you wear contacts and have been previously fit for contacts at the Family Eye Care Center & Optical Gallery in Westford, MA (or elsewhere and can provide a written prescription of the contacts you are wearing) the fee is: $69 for a yearly contact lens evaluation.
  • If you are a contact lens wearer and you need to be refit to another brand or another category of contact lenses, the fee can range from $99 to $219. The fee is determined by the doctor and depends on the time involved and complexity of the refit.
  • If you are a new contact lens wearer, the contact lens fitting fee ranges from $159 to $219. This fee covers the initial fitting, training, follow up visits, sample contacts if applicable and a starter kit with contact lens solution and a case.

The Benefits of Purchasing Your Contact Lenses from the Family Eye Care Center & Optical Gallery in Westford, MA

  1. We accept Vision Service Plan (VSP) and EyeMed.
  2. Competitive prices.
  3. Replacement lenses for torn or defective lenses. (some exceptions apply).
  4. Access to manufacturer rebates.
  5. Credit toward other lenses for unopened, unused lenses purchased from the Family Eye Care Center & Optical Gallery.
  6. Easy reordering: call 978.692.1400 Ext. 707.
  7. Contact lens orders can be mailed directly to you or picked up at the office.
  8. Free shipping on a year supply.


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Improper Lens Wear

Please remember to take care of your eyes. Improper contact lens wear can result in serious eye infections and painful inflammatory reactions. These problems can cause corneal scarring and possible vision loss. Improper lens wear includes wearing the lenses overnight, over wearing the lenses each day, failure to replace the lenses or case in a timely fashion and improper cleaning of the lenses.

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