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Emergency Eye Care

After Hours

The Family Eye Care Center & Optical Gallery handles many serious eye conditions and eye injuries.

The Family Eye Care Center & Optical Gallery always has a provider on call. If you have an eye emergency or a question that needs an immediate response, please call our office and you will be directed to our answering service. Our answering service will relay your message to the provider on call who will call you directly.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please call our office right away:

  • Sudden vision loss
  • Eye pain
  • Flashes of light
  • New floaters or if you see a curtain or veil in your vision
  • Double vision
  • Sudden onset of sensitivity to light
  • Foreign body in the eye
  • Trauma
  • Sports-related injury to the eye
  • Chemical splash
    For chemical splashes, immediately flush eye with water for 10-15 minutes. If water is not available, you can use milk. Then proceed to the closest emergency room or call our office right away.

What NOT to do when experiencing an eye emergency:

call Now: 978.692.1400
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