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Nutritional Supplements

Should I Take Nutritional Supplements?

Eating a diet rich in Omega-3s, vitamins, lutein, and zeaxanthin is very important to maintaining the health of your eyes. It is a challenge to meet the minimum requirements of these important nutrients even for the healthiest of eaters. Dr. Baharozian strongly recommends taking nutritional supplements.

Nordic Naturals® is the brand of supplements Dr. Baharozian has carefully vetted. Nordic Naturals® pledges “to produce the purest essential nutrients, made with manufacturing technologies and business practices that are sustainable well into the future”. It is a family-owned company with no shareholders to answer to. Their products are backed by clinical research, have proven purity, and taste better than other brands.

Benefits to Your Eyes

(Plus Many Other Benefits For Your Entire Body)

  • Supports brain and visual function including dry eye and macular health
  • Clinically shown to support a healthy heart
  • Optimizes immune function
  • Supports neurological health
  • Supports tear production
  • Protects eyes from oxidative stress & damage (decrease age related eye damage)
ProOmega 2000 Bottle

Family Eye Care Center & Optical Gallery stocks the following products

Nordic Naturals Logo

ProOmega 2000® which is pure fish oil sourced from anchovies and sardines Concentrated fish oil- 2000 mg EPA & DHA Omega-3s per 2 soft gels.

Click here to view the ProOmega2000® Brochure

ProOmega® is the same as above except less concentrated Omega-3s per soft gel (550mg).

ProOmega Liquid® is the same as ProOmega® in liquid form.

ProOmega Jr® is the same as ProOmega® at 640mg per 2 soft gels. Easy to chew or swallow. Strawberry flavored.

ProDHA Eye® is concentrated fish oil plus lutein & zeaxanthin.

AlgaeOmega® is 100% vegetarian formula provides significant amounts of both EPA and DHA. Made from microalgae, nature’s original source of marine omega-3.

Recycle Program: Bring Back Your Empty Bottle of:

  • ProOmega 2000® 120 count
  • ProOmega 120® count
  • ProOmega 180® count
  • ProDHA Eye 120® count

For $3.00 Off Your Next Bottle

Who Should Take These Supplements?

Benefits of getting your Nordic Natural® supplements from the Family Eye Care Center & Optical Gallery:

Please note: Some people experience stomach upset when taking fish oil. If this happens, take your supplements with food.

Check with your doctor before taking if you are on a blood thinner.

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